Built With Love

Steady Bicycle Company manufactures an extremely high quality, collectible line of bicycles that are true modern classics. Steady bicycles are not only comfortable for a smooth and enjoyable ride, but they are sure to put a smile on your face each and every time you ride one. Our bicycles are manufactured to the highest standards with top notch quality control and the best parts and components available. Steady bicycles significantly exceed the quality of most cruiser and recreational style bicycles on the market today. Steady classic bicycles come 75% assembled out of the box making them a very easy and convenient purchase for customers. 

While Steady classic bicycles are a little bit more money than most bicycles found at most of the big box retail stores, there is a specific reason for this. From the very beginning, we have committed the Steady bicycle brand to being an exquisite, specialty brand with bona-fide QUALITY behind each and every one of our unique bicycle models. While it is would be much easier to go the cheaper route in bicycle manufacturing, and thus, utilizing cheaper priced components, we prefer longevity over short term, reliability over cheap, and focus on the specialness over volume. 

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