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Damage Policy


Product Damage From Shipping 
If your bicycle has sustained damage during shipping, please submit a damage claim form with pictures of the damages and we will find a solution to the problem. Please contact us and we will open a ticket and email you this form.

Manufacturer Defect:
Due the high level of quality and detail that goes into the manufacturing of our products, manufacturer defects are extremely rare on our Steady classic bicycles. However, in the event one of our products does have a defect, we want to know about it and resolve the problem immediately. We offer support for any manufacturer’s defects. If your bike has a defect, please submit a damage claim to within 10 days of receiving your bike. Most damages and defects can be resolved with a replacement part which we would ship under our own expense.

Allowable Damage
Allowable damage is any damage that does not affect the structural integrity of the bike or that does not hinder the bicycles' ability to function in a proper and safe manner. Very minor scratches or other extremely minor body blemishes are not covered under warranty. If you believe your bicycle has suffered damage that is greater than what we consider Allowable Damage, please contact us with documentation and photographs.