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1. Where can I purchase a Steady classic bicycle?

Answer:  Steady bicycles can be purchased online as well as through select specialty dealers across the United States. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. 

2. Why should I consider buying a Steady classic bicycle for my next bike purchase?

Answer:  Steady Bicycle Company manufactures an extremely high quality, collectible line of bicycles that are true modern classics. Steady bicycles are not only comfortable for a smooth and enjoyable ride, but they are sure to put a smile on your face each and every time you ride one. Our bicycles are manufactured to the highest standards with top notch quality control and the best parts and components available. Steady bicycles significantly exceed the quality of most cruiser and recreational style bicycles on the market today. 

3. Why are Steady classic bicycles a bit more money compared to some of the cheaper bikes I often see being sold by big box retail stores, discount e-commerce sites and certain bicycle shops?

Answer:  Steady classic bicycles are manufactured with exquisite quality and craftsmanship. Steady bicycles’ drive trains, parts and components cost more to manufacture than most other cruiser, fixed gear and recreational style bicycle brands on the market today. We do not cut corners on our parts, components, or assembly. From our bicycle drive-train components, down to the nuts, bolts and hardware, we simply double down and commit to true quality which does indeed cost much more. We are proud to deliver a product to the end user that will exceed and outlast the vast majority of the other bicycles sold on the market today. Simply put, we refuse "to do cheap." We do not compromise or make concessions on the quality of our Steady classic bicycles. 

4. Do Steady classic bicycles come in "Female" or "Male" gender specific versions like other bicycles I see advertised or described as "Ladies" or "Men's" models? Can you please explain and clarify for me so I know if I am purchasing the right bicycle for myself or as a gift for someone else?

Answer:  All Steady classic bicycle models are manufactured as gender neutral classics. The Steady classic bicycle models are not manufactured as Ladies or Men's specific bicycle models. The Steady Classic, Espresso Racer and Bistro Racer models are all made to be enjoyed by both male and female riders alike.

5. How long will shipping usually take upon ordering a Steady bicycle online? 

Answer:  Once a Steady classic bicycle is purchased online, it usually takes between 3 to 5 days to ship out of our warehouse or contracted logistics center and a few additional transit days to arrive depending on shipping service. We are a specialty brand, so when it comes to ordering and receiving a Steady classic, our preparation and shipping time can sometimes take a few days longer.

6. Do Steady bicycles come with a warranty?

Answer:  Yes. Steady bicycles come with a life-time frame and forks warranty redeemable by the original owner. Documentation and proof of purchase is required. Due to the various wear and tear that commonly occurs on bicycles with how they are ridden, maintained and cared for (or lack thereof), we do not warranty wear & tear components on a bicycle that are effected by its riding, use, and outdoor external elements.

7. Are the prices for Steady bicycles bought online the same as the prices in a store?

Answer:  Yes.

8. If I buy a Steady classic bicycle online, how much assembly is required once I receive it?

Answer:  Steady bicycles come approximately 75% pre-assembled right out of the box. Some of the items that still need to be installed to complete the full assembly of the bicycle are the handle bar set, the seat and seat post, pedals, reflectors, and a few other items.

9. If I purchase a Steady bicycle online, how and where should I get my new bicycle properly assembled and prepped if I am unsure how to assemble it myself?

Answer:  The Steady single speed and dual speed bicycle models are quite easy to assemble with some of our customers completing the assembly themselves, or having a friend or family member that is semi-mechanical do it for them. All Steady 5-Speed models MUST have the rear hub / drive train properly adjusted by an experienced bicycle tech prior to being ridden in order to prevent damage. This is extremely easy and quick for a bicycle shop to adjust and set properly. The majority of local bicycle shops offer bicycle assembly for bikes bought online for a small fee. The common price range usually varies by shop. This is recommended for having your bicycle properly assembled and prepped. 

10. What type of brick and mortal retail stores carry and sell Steady bicycles?

Answer:  Steady bicycles are sold by a smaller number of boutique and specialty dealers in certain parts of the United States. However, due to the higher price point of our bikes combined with the challenges of dealer shipping / freight charges, our specialty brand is a more difficult bike brand to carry and sell for numerous small bike shops outside of California - USA .

11. How can I locate a store front dealer for Steady Bicycle Company?

Answer:  If you do not see or know of a Steady Bicycle Company dealer in your town or near you, please contact us for details on where to buy so we can answer any questions you may have.

12. If I have a problem with my Steady bicycle, how can I be helped post purchase?

Answer:  Steady bicycles are highly reliable with significantly fewer issues than what is the standard across the cycle and action sports industry. However, on the VERY rare occasions when a problem is encountered with one of our classic bicycles, we want to know about it right away and assist our customers immediately. For any issues throughout the purchasing or maintenance process on your Steady classic, feel free to contact us. 

13. What is the typical height range / requirements suggested for a person wanting to buy / ride "The Steady Classic" model?

Answer:  The size of The Steady Classic model is referred to as 26” inch bicycle. The 26” inch stands for the wheel / rim size, thus giving the bicycle a certain seated height range for the rider. The seat and the seat post on The Steady Classic model can be lowered, raised, and adjusted allowing for a comfortable ride for the majority of riders between the heights of 5'0" feet to 6'6" inches tall. However, there are exceptions to this since some people’s legs and torsos can be a little bit longer or shorter proportionally. The Steady Classic bicycle is a fun bicycle to own, ride, and love.

14. What is the typical height range / requirements suggested for a person wanting to buy / ride the Steady “Espresso Racer” model?

Answer:  The Steady Espresso Racer is a special edition model, inspired and influenced by the world of classic flat track racing motorcycles. This model is a great bicycle for urban / city riding with a fast, fun, and sleek feel to it. The seat on the Espresso Racer can be lowered, raised, and adjusted for a comfortable fit for most riders between the heights of 5’0” feet to 6’4” inches tall. However and as previously mentioned, there are exceptions to this since some people’s legs and torsos can be a little bit longer or shorter proportionally. The Steady Espresso Racer bicycle is an authentic classic with an original style that sets it apart from any other city bike you may cross paths with.

15. What is the typical height range / size requirements suggested for a person wanting to buy / ride the Steady “Bistro Racer” model?

Answer:  The Steady Bistro Racer model is a bona-fide head turning classic. Influenced by the British, Italian, and American Café Racer scene, this model is fun to ride and highly enjoyable to just stare at. With a unique and customized 28" inch wheel set, descending dual frame top tubes, café handle bars, and a 5 Speed Sturmey Archer drive train, this is a great bicycle for the cafe motorcycle or hot rod aficionado. If you are looking for the coolest Café style bicycle in town, we suggest this one for you. The Bistro Racer has an adjusting seat and seat post that can be lowered, raised, and adjusted to facilitate riders between the heights of 5’0” to 6’4” inches tall. However and as previously mentioned, there are exceptions to this since some people’s legs and torsos can be a little bit longer or shorter proportionally.

16. What are some tips for maintaining my Steady classic bicycle?

Answer:  The line-up of Steady classic bicycles are extremely special, highly sought after, and are recommended to be stored inside of a dry garage or house free of moisture. Wiping down your bicycle every so often is encouraged and an occasional tune up every year by a bike shop is a great practice.

17. Why are Steady bicycles an EXCELLENT gift or surprise for that special occasion?

Answer:  A Steady classic bicycle is THE PERFECT GIFT for any person or occasion. You will absolutely realize this when you see the look on the face of a person receiving a Steady classic bicycle. It is a great surprise - trust us! Since our specialty line of bicycles are not authorized to be sold by big box retailers (often high volume public traded companies) or through, people receiving them as gifts do not expect such a beautiful, authentic present. Often giving somebody something that is special, original, and authentic means a lot more than the typical gift one may expect to receive, or already has. 

18. What is the best way to store my Steady bicycle?

Answer:  Storing your Steady bicycle in a safe, secure, and dry place away from any damaging outdoor elements is recommended.

19. In closing and summation, what are the major advantages of buying a Steady Bicycle Company modern classic?

Answer:  There are many pros and advantages to buying and owning a Steady classic bicycle. Here are just a few:

      1. Steady bicycles are Built With Love
      2. Steady bicycles are true modern classics.
      3. Steady bicycles are so much fun to ride.
      4. Steady bicycles are manufactured with bona-fide quality.
      5. Steady classics are manufactured with authentic style and design.
      6. A Steady bicycle is a collectible right out of the box!

If you have any additional questions surrounding Steady bicycles not found in this FAQs section, there are several additional links at the bottom portion of the website that may be of assistance. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.