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The Perfect Gift

A Steady classic bicycle is one of the most thoughtful and appreciated gifts you can get for a friend, relative, client, employee, or that special somebody. While Steady bicycles are special in so many different ways, they come with one common problem, they draw LOTS of attention! Steady bicycles are extremely unique and clearly stand apart from all other bicycles and brands on the market today, making them such an extra special gift.

Whether you are taking a leisurely ride or are cruising to your favorite coffee shop or boutique, each and every one of our Steady models are bound to bring you lots of fun and enjoyment on your bicycle ride. You will never forget the look of true happiness seen on the faces of people seeing a Steady classic bicycle in person for the first time - we really mean it. A Steady classic is one of the most timeless and special presents a person can receive and we believe that it’s the details and small things that often count the most. 

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