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Why Steady Bicycles

Steady Bicycle Company is a specialty bicycle brand that manufactures a high quality, collectible line of authentic classic bicycles. All Steady bicycles encompass a combination of original design, classic style and a special culture surrounding the product line. Our exquisite collection of two wheeled classics are Built With Love to the highest quality standards. We are one of the very few bicycle brands of today that DOES NOT manufacture our bicycles in China, nor do we use low quality parts and components that a majority of the beach cruiser and recreation bicycle industry uses. While taking the cheaper route is often the easiest and most profitable way for bike brands to go - we proudly inform our customers that we do not do cheap and we do not compromise on quality.

From our quality, to our style, to our brand and culture - there is nothing on the market that compares to the authentic classics offered by Steady Bicycle Company - America's Classic Bike brand. Our bikes are lifetime bicycles that often time become family heirlooms and will be with you throughout some of your life's most memorable and enjoyable moments.