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Terms and Conditions

Invoicing and Sales

All Steady Bicycle Company products are priced in United States (US) dollars. The invoice for your order will also be in US dollars, including those shipping outside the United States. On certain occasions, Steady Bicycle Company will not sell and ship our products to locations out of the United States where reliable shipping and delivery has been a problem.

The price of your order will include the price of the product plus any applicable sales tax and shipping charges. Please review your order carefully prior to submitting it for processing.

Steady Bicycle Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of any sale at any time. Steady Bicycle Company reserves the right to cancel an order and refund a customer’s money back to them should a logistical or shipping problem arise.

Before purchasing a product from Steady Bicycle Company, we request that you read all of the company’s policies easily located in the bottom portion of the website.

Product Pricing

Steady Bicycle Company reserves the right to change the prices for our products at any time without prior notice.

Product Availability

We disclose that on certain occasions our company may sell out of certain bicycle models faster than our production can keep up with the demand. Consequently, it is not common for us to be out of stock on items for a long period of time.

Payment Methods

We accept VISA and MasterCard. All credit card purchases done through our website are made through the high security Shopify payments processing platform. We do not send COD orders. International orders can be paid through bank wire transfers only. To minimize exposure to fraud, our company does not take credit card payments from abroad / outside of the United States. 


We do our best to make sure the correct photo, price, and copy are on the website but sometimes we make a mistake. In the event of a mistake, we reserve the right to charge the correct price, to ship the correct item or to correct the mistake. All photos are for general indicative purposes only.


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